Manufactured Steel Manifolds


  • Conventional Tracing
  • Single & Double Insulated Tube
  • Bare Tube with HTC
  • Snap Trace
  • Contro Trace
  • Hot Oil

Colored Tubing

Tubing available in Red, Blue and Black...

Steam Manifolds

Steam Manifolds

A standard Steam Distribution manifold...

Condensate Manifolds

Condensate Manifolds

A standard Condensate Collection manifold...

Steam Tracing

Steam Tracing Piping

Steam Tracing keeps materials at a constant temperature and compensates for heat loss. A small diameter tubing is run alongside the large pipe used for moving materials. A conductive compound is smeared between the two pipes so heat will transfer easily from the steam pipe to the main pipe. Both pipes are wrapped in insulation and jacketing to minimize heat loss and provide protection from the elements.

Steam Tracing prevents heat loss as materials are moved through a plumbing system. This is a common application for steam tracing systems in the oil industry, where the tubing at refineries is commonly fitted with steam tracing equipment. Using this technique allows manufacturers to control temperatures, keeping their processes safe and efficient.

Manifold to Manifold

Different Steam Applications

By attaching tubing (Copper or Stainless) containing saturated steam (tracer) parallel to the process fluid pipe. The two pipes are then insulated together and jacketed. The temperature of the tracer cannot exceed the maximum saturation temperature of the steam, as it operates at specific steam pressures. Bare Steam Tracing is a popular choice as it is easy to install, maintain, and is well suited for lower temperature requirements. Cemented Steam Tracing, has heat conductive cement placed around the steam tracer running parallel to the process fluid pipe increasing the contact area available for heat transfer.

Low Heat Steam Trace

Low Heat

SLS & DLS Isolated Tracers

  • Reduces risk of burn
  • Provides energy savings over bare tracers
  • Prevents damage from temperature-sensitive or corrosive product
Medium Heat Steam Trace

Medium Heat

BTS/Bare Tracers

  • Provides same heat output as bare tracer
  • Reduces risk of burn compared to bare tracers
  • May provide protection against galvanic corrosion
High Heat Steam Trace

High Heat

Heat Transfer Compounds

  • Maximizes transfer of heat from tracer to pipe
  • Reduces number of tracers needed compared to bare tracers
  • Replaces jacketed pipe without cross contamination

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