Services Overview

Industrial Insulation Services

Our technical staff is trained to provide insulation and metal jacketing solutions for turnkey projects of any size.

Our industrial insulation application helps reduce heat loss or gain, prevents equipment damage from exposure to fire or corrosive atmospheres, and controls surface temperatures for personnel protection.

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Scaffolding Services

Straight Line Industrial Services provides comprehensive scaffolding services for both long-term and short-term projects.

Our services include everyday scaffolding for access, as well as large-scale scaffolding projects that utilize Layher material and engineering services for more complex projects.

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Heat Tracing Services

Electrical and steam tracing are utilized to prevent heat loss from process fluids during transportation in process fluid pipes.

This is especially important when there is a risk of damage to piping or interference with operation due to fouling or blockage caused by the congealing, increase in viscosity, or separation of components in the fluid below certain temperatures.

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Manufacturing Services

Strong Seam®

Strong Seam® Paneling System

Our Strong Seam® Paneling System is designed to withstand 100 miles winds with its durable and strong application. Not only it can provide you product protection, it also maintenance free. The metal jacketing can be provide in different colors and in different metal style such as Aluminum, Galvanium, or Stainless depending on the specifications.

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Straight-Wrap™ Insulation Blankets

Our Straight-Wrap™ Insulation Blankets are easy to install, providing heat comsuption and personal protection on any hot application. All designs are based on field measurements or specifications by ISO drawings. The unique complete product can be provided in TEFLON or SILICONE outer jacketing.

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Different Insulation Appliations

Vessel Industrial Insulation

Equipment Insulation Services

We provide a complete insulation package for all equipments, vessels, pipping, valves, pumps, heat exchangers and more.

Cold Insulation System

Cold Work Insulation Services

This application serves for chilled water, refrigeration, cryogenic, liquedfied natural gas or LNG. PITTWRAP is always use to prevent air penetration.

Skid Insulation Packages

Skid Insulation & Turn-key Services

A complete turn-key skid Insulation package, can be offered with Electrical or Steam tracing along with our Straight-Wrap™ insulation system.

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