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Sewn Removable Insulation Jackets

Our scaffold builders only use Layher®.

Uncompromising quality and perfect workmanship ensure your safety and make Layher scaffolds the proven companion in our industry. We are committed to providing a quick, impartial, reliable and professional service for any project, simple to complex, small to large. Furthermore, we offer ladders for every purpose - available in aluminum or wood. Choose from a varied range of rungs, steps and special ladders.

Safety & Benefits

Scaffold frames have guardrials that allow you to concentrate on the task at hand without worrying about falling.

Our crew will errect your scaffold so it's safe and secure. Scaffolding provides a large, stable work platform where you can stack materials and tools.

Available for any kind of Application

SLIS Scaffolding

Tank Scaffolding

Scaffold constructed before the vessel... This is necessary to weld the stainless steel side panels of the vessel together. Put your crew right where the work is, Inside or Outside of the storage tank.

SLIS Scaffolding

Suspended Scaffolding

Also called hanging scaffolds, are work platforms that hang from overhead support structures on roofs or building setbacks. It is always important that these designs meet their strength.

SLIS Scaffolding

Structural Scaffold Erection

The Layher scaffolding system SLIS utilize offers endless possibilities for every type of structure. Most of these applications are designed for buildings or high towers.

SLIS Scaffolding

Rolling Scaffold

A temporary elevated work platform used to safely complete a task, which is installed by a competent Scaffolder. This application is used the most indoor where the ground is leveled.

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