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Straight Line Industrial Services, Inc. is a full service Thermal Insulation Company which specializes in Industrial Services such as Heat Tracing, Scaffolding Services, Industrial Insulation, CUI Maintenance, ventilation, cooling, processing fluids, and plumbing systems. These systems are located but are not limited to the following areas: Chemical & Refinery Plants, Central Plants, Energy Plants, and Oil & Gas Industry.

What we offer

Heat Tracing
Heat Tracing

Heat tracing is used to prevent heat loss from process fluids being transported...

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Sewn Removable Insulation Covers
Straight-Wrap™ Blankets

Removable insulation blankets are custom designed and fabricated for each individual...

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 Tank Insulation Paneling System
Strong Seam® Paneling System

Consists of a composite panel created from laminating a metallic outer skin.

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 Pipe Insulation Services
Industrial Piping Insulation

Pipe Insulation will Facilitates Process Temperature Control by reducing heat loss...

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About us

At Straight Line Industrial Services, Inc., we believe being a responsible service company is not only the right thing to do, but the right thing to do for our business & for the safety of our employees.

We are committed to using our 70 years of combined experience to surpass our clients' expectations. All while keeping quality of work, commitment, professionalism and safety at the highest priority.

The safety of our people and the environment is a top priority. Our Safety Program goals reflect our philosophy and commitment to exhibit the highest level of compliance in the industry.

Straight Line Industrial Services, Inc. (SLIS) welcomes all candidates with experience and qualifications. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Electric Tracing

Electrical Heat Trace allows customers for more diverse options for the heating and warming of product. The EHT can be controlled by a myriad of Control Systems or a simple Thermostat. Also the options for design are greatly increased allowing EHT to fit any thermal need your company may require.

Storage Tank Insulation

Storage tank insulation systems are a must for the tank and terminal industry. Although tank insulation systems are not needed in all occasions, they are highly recommended when product needs to be kept warm at a certain temperature. Our patented Strong Seam Paneling systems offer a safe, efficient, affordable insulation system for all types of storage tanks.

Steam Tracing

A tried and true method to maintain process temperatures in facilities throughout the country. It is simple yet effective system. Straight Line Industrial Services are experts in designing and installing copper or stainless steel tube steam tracing systems for all your heating needs.

Industrial Insulation

Industrial Insulation is the backbone of all insulation systems and Straight Line Industrial Services is focused at installing the highest quality with the safest practices available today. Whether it is a large tower or vessel to the smallest process piping, SLI looks forward to providing the best possible services in the industrial services industry.


We offer a full custom experience in the realm of scaffolding. If it is a long term project or everyday scaffolding needed for access, Straight Line Industrial also has the capabilities to tackle large scaffolding projects using Layher material as well as Layher engineering services for more complicated projects.

Insulation Jackets

High quality, hand crafted blankets are manufactured at SLIS headquarters in South Houston, TX. Each removable blanket has its own tag number for future reference in case they are damaged or lost. The blanket system offers many advantages such as personal protection, thermal protection, and are an efficient alternative to hard insulation for maintenance purposes.

Specialty Products


Insulation Removal Blankets System


Standing Seam Paneling System

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