Straight Line takes the Silver

At the 32nd Annual Safety Excellence Awards, Straight Line Industrial Services takes Second in Soft Crafts Category

The Houston Safety Excellence Award is annually presented to a contractor or subcontractor in the Texas Gulf Coast Area who has achieved an outstanding record of on-the-job safety promotion and performance at a site or as a business during the year completed. The true purpose of the award process is for the participants to learn through observing and sharing of best practices.

A unique feature of this award process is the requirement that the “Best in Category” Contractors come to a “Best Practices” seminar and present the best practices identified by the evaluation teams the they reason for their excellent achievement. All other companies are encouraged to take these ideas back to their own companies to improve their own performance. Through the sharing of best practices the entire industry improves its safety performance. There is an attitude that is prevalent among the owners and contractors that outstanding safety is not proprietary and must be shared with others.

Tailgate Extravaganza

Straight Line Industrial; Services has been nominated for the 32nd Annual Safety Excellence Award by the Houston Business Round Table (HBR).

This award is for contractors or subcontractors in the Texas Gulf Coast area who have achieved an outstanding record of on the job safety at a site or as a business during 2018.

SLIS is pleased to invite you to be a part of this celebration. Come join us at us this upcoming Friday at the Pasadena Fairgrounds for the Annual Tailgate Extravaganza, where they will announce the finalists who will go on to Houston Safety Excellence Awards in May.